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Welcome to MXTobacco pages.
I invite you to visit every page of this site to understand and learn more about all the benefits that you can find in my fantastic Bright Virginia tobacco.

HERE IS THE NEWS FOR YOU: direct production and direct sale!
The passion and the knowledge of my special tobacco are the key to make you get real advantages.
Here are the top 3:


- EASY USE: the quality of the tobacco I offer makes it very easy and fast for you to get the best feedback from your customers since it is appropriate for any expectation you may have by making use of a specific grade
- CERTAINTY of the origin of the product with a top quality constant through the years, thanks to the special and exclusive treatments used in my company
- SAVING in time, effort and money, focusing on a unique product of top quality cultivated with stunning and innovative techniques.

I have been growing Virginia Bright tobacco since many years, and only recently my company has discovered three revolutionary methods to enhance and improve the tobacco quality :


-FERTIGATION: through drip irrigation (innovative irrigation system) and thanks to the right weekly amount of water with special fertilizers, I can provide plants with the best nutrients at the right time with results which are definitely visible on the leaves.
-SPECIAL CURE : I have discovered a surprising and innovative drying method inside premises for tobacco cure, with three different special steps, for eight days, up to a maximum temperature of 70 degrees C. That is to achieve more elastic leaves, rich in oil and with an unique aroma.
-SPECIAL SEEDS: I have recently found out new FCV seed varieties from America, which, together with a special soil, the particular climatic conditions and the optimum ripening times of this specific area, lead to excellent and unique qualitative results.

Through these important discoveries, I was able to improve more and more and to get a tobacco:


-WITH OPEN GRAIN: that means with softer and more elastic leaves thanks to open pores inside them
-RICH IN OIL : thanks to the correct supply of nutrients with appropriate fertilization at the right moments, and also due to harvesting in particular periods and to my special cure in drying barns, I can make the leaves richer in oil, making my product "UNIQUE"
-SUITABLE FOR MANY USES: the tobacco is selected through American grades of classification, differentiated according to suitable harvest times, to a special type of fertilization, and to different levels of nicotine and sugar. Everything to meet your specific needs.

You too can have these new products, in order to obtain such powerful effects with the results you want. When you try it you will realize, how little is enough to turn your business into a great success.

"MXTobacco" Company


The Company MXTobacco of Massimo Mantovanelli is among the first and so proud to be able to provide its special bright Virginia tobacco, which is grown in its own farm in Verona - Italy. The tobacco is grown directly with special seeds, fertilizers and special techniques and special care to make you get the best results in your business. .

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Verona Area


Verona is an area which is particularly suitable for the cultivation of tobacco, thanks to its three unique soil and climatic conditions (soil, temperature and humidity). The combination of these factors combined to experience allow me to give you an excellent tobacco suitable for the production of cigarettes or for the production of shisha, with values of nicotine between 1% and 3.5% and sugar and between 14% and 22%.

Massimo Mantovanelli


I put my long time experience at your service, the new important discoveries and my passion in the selection of seeds, soil, fertilizers, irrigation and of plant protection products, as well as the special care in barns in order to obtain the best tobacco, able to guarantee the results you wish.


-Experience: we have been following the whole producing process from the beginning until the end since many years: we have gained wide experience and knowledge to give you advice about products.
-Certified product: you can find an unique tobacco grown with full CE fitosanitary compliance. We can provide fitosanitary and origin certificate for requiring countries.
-Quality: Our special flue-curing process (70° C) makes my tobacco clean and suitable to be smoked directly, tasting the real natural aroma, with no chemicals, additives or flavours added.
-Guarantee: since the tobacco is only of our production, it is checked carton by carton in humidity and cleanness, getting a 100% usable product.
-Transparency: direct sale of our product without middle passages.
You are very welcome to our farm, we will be very pleased to show you our tobacco stock and the entire production process.


Growing good Bright Virginia, the tobacco you are looking for, with good relationship between quality and benefits.

My satisfation is providing you the right product, so that you can see the real advantages and we can establish a long term mutual relationship.